Victoria Plant Delivery Service!

Now you can order plants from our online price list and we will deliver them directly to your door.

Plant Species Container Size Price
Helebour 2 $21.99
Azaliea 2 $21.99
Rhododendron 2 $19.99
Pieris 2 $21.99
Hyacinth 1 $4.29
Osteospermum 1 $3.99
Iris 1 $3.99
Boxwood 7g $39.99
Evergreen 2g $42.99
Magnolia 2g $42.99
Boxwood 1g $12.99
California Lilac 1g $14.99
Forsythia 1g $16.99
Heather 1g $12.99
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Landscaping Services for commercial and residential properties in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The most important aspect of landscaping is creativity. It is absolutely essential to every step of our creative process and not only does it make for a better final product but it can save clients huge amounts of money. We combine YOUR vision and ideas and with our knowledge, expertise and artistry to create something truly unique and awesome.

Landscape design is very much an art and as they say, nothing captures the inner child quite like a great garden. It takes style, balance, vision, innovation, flexibility, vast creativity and most importantly the ability to listen to your client and transform their ideas into reality. We attempt to take all of this and translate it into a three dimensional real life painting that you can touch, taste, sniff, smell, feel and enjoy.

There are no limits. Nothing is too “out there,” there is no such thing as crazy and nothing is too subdued. We dream of ponds, envision lights, smell the plants, hear the birds, add misters, speakers, waterfalls, interlocking brick, paths and so much more. We even scour auctions and sales for quirky, classy, antique and interesting pieces that will add that final touch to a perfect outdoor living space.

With your vision, our guidance and hard work, our confidence leads us to believe that we can help you achieve the perfect outdoor experience, complete with every nuance you can imagine, and attention to detail that's second to none.

Victoria Lawn Mowing can create great outdoor living spaces.

We offer custom landscaping that can fit all needs. Install a great pond, plant some new trees, build a new garden or two, lay down some flag stones and in a weekend your backyard can go from a patch of grass to an amazing outdoor living space.

Free Landscaping Estimates

Not sure where to start? Have questions? Please don't hesitate to give us a call or E-Mail today for Free Estimates and help. (two-five-oh) 213-6521
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