Victoria Soil, Sand, Mulch, Compost and Gravel
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Save big money and have your soil delivered to your door! Did you know that 1 Yard of our soil is the equivalent of over 10 large bags of store bought soil?

Garden Soil

$39.99/Yard - Our garden soil is a 50/40/10 mix. 50% clean, filtered soil, 40% compost and 10% filtered sand. You can buy soil and you can buy compost then mix them together on your own, we just take the work out of it.

Deluxe Mix Garden Soil

$59.99/yard - This nutrient rich soil is high in fibre, fish oils and AAA grade compost. Hello Tomatoes!

AAA Grade Compost

$69.99/yard - All natural, no additives or agents, just good, raw, high-grade compost.

Bark Mulch

$59.99/yard - Currently in stock are Cedar, Fine Fir/Alder mix, Medium Coarse Fir/Alder mix and Fine Screened Fir Mulch

Delivery Fees

Loads over 3 yards and weekend deliveries require 48hrs notice. Thank you.

Estimated volume per yard is 27 cubic feet or 3ft x 3ft x 3ft

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